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Shaping a Limitless Ireland

Delivering the National Broadband Plan

The National Broadband Plan (NBP) is the Irish government’s initiative to deliver high speed broadband services to all premises in Ireland. It is the largest ever telecommunications project undertaken by the Irish State and recognised as one of the biggest and most ambitious telecoms infrastructure projects of its kind globally.

Taking on the challenge of delivering the National Broadband Plan, our team will be deploying fibre on approximately 1.5 million poles, many of them new, over 15,000km of underground ducts. We will use up to 142,000km of new fibre cable, and will run along almost 100,000km of the road network. We said it was big!

The network will be designed, built and operated by us, using a combination of State subsidy and commercial investment. It will make its services available to all of the rollout area, which accounts for 23% of the population in about approximately 564,000 homes, farms, schools and businesses. This project will radically change the broadband landscape across the country to ensure that every farm, business and home has access to high-speed broadband, no matter where they are located. 

Once completed, all parts of Ireland will have access to a modern and reliable broadband network, capable of supporting the communications, information, education and entertainment requirements of current and future generations. Your future is in our hands and we aim to empower every individual, community and organisation with equal access to local and global opportunities. We are creating a Limitless Ireland, the rest is up to you. 

Our promise to you

What we are delivering

  • A high-speed fibre and future proofed broadband network within the Intervention Area which covers 1.1 million people living and working in almost 564,000 premises, including almost 100,000 businesses and farms along with some 672 schools. Equal Internet access will enable equal opportunities for everyone, no matter where they live, work or study. 
  • The largest telecommunications project ever undertaken by the Government of Ireland, and indeed the largest of its kind in Europe. 
  • Around 146,000 kilometres of fibre to connect over half a million homes, stretching across 96% of Ireland’s landmass.
  • Up to 1,800 of the best and brightest minds will be working on the project at its peak.
  • We will provide a range of wholesale services for broadband providers in the residential and business markets, so that broadband consumers like you can enjoy a wider variety of choice when it comes to broadband retail providers.

What’s involved


of Ireland’s land mass covered


fibre to premises


homes, farms, schools and businesses connected

Up to 1,800

jobs generated

Governance Structure

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