Our Team

We come from everywhere. From the four provinces of Ireland and the four corners of the world. We’re a global team with a local mission: Connecting friends and families, businesses and communities across Ireland with high speed broadband for generations to come. Building the nation’s largest infrastructure project, our diverse team needs the brightest thinkers and doers of today to build a more connected tomorrow. If, like us, you believe the best minds build the best solutions, why not think about joining our team?

Cultures & Values

Listen for Solutions

At NBI, laying the groundwork begins long before we lay an inch of fiber optic cable. Listening for solutions is how we overcome any obstacle.

We do this by:

Meeting local communities, listening to questions and addressing concerns.
Understanding the unique needs of every citizen

Collaborate for Success

We’re building the Ireland of the future, through our implementation of nationwide high speed broadband and through our company’s Collaboration for success. This requires the best and brightest, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.

We do this by:

Establishing milestones and conducting regular check-ins.

Recognising and rewarding success through our Connected programme.

Actively listening, encouraging innovation and allowing people to take accountability for their work.

Stand for Integrity

As Ireland’s largest infrastructure project, we’re a leading innovator of the future we all envision. Therefore it’s important we’re a leading example of responsibility, accountability and integrity.

We do this by:

Being good stewards of all capital, including; financial, natural and social.

Creating relationships and putting down roots in communities.

Partnering with RISE Global Foundation to expand economic opportunity across rural Ireland.

Empower each other

Our work empowers families, businesses and communities through high speed connectivity. So it is important that our workplace empowers our people too.

We do this by:

Recognising and rewarding great work.

Celebrating success, both individual and team, through our Connected programme.

Recognising potential and supporting growth. Treating all equally, regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.

Humans of NBI – Ciara

Humans of NBI – Rodrigo

Humans of NBI – Paddy

Come work with us

Team Advantage

Connecting families, businesses and communities for generations to come, is what NBI is committed to. It’s a truly rewarding career, where great work is in turn, rewarded. From salary and benefits, wellbeing to career progression, at NBI job satisfaction is both professional and personal.

Salary & Benefits

We are a results driven reward culture, where great work is rewarded with a competitive salary that sets a benchmark within the industry. Our vision for the future is reflected in our pension programme that helps all our employees plan for the future. Rest and relaxation are encouraged through our generous annual leave programme, enabling you to further contribute to our purpose and growth.

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe that diversity and inclusion is a critical component to a thriving organisational culture and we understand our diverse workforce have different experiences and perspectives.

Our Connected programme seeks to educate and grow our respective knowledge about the importance of accepting that we are all different and we are all unique. We’re achieving this through talks, webinars and support programmes.