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What is the National Broadband Plan and what does Intervention Area mean?

The National Broadband Plan (NBP) is the government’s initiative to deliver high-speed, quality, affordable broadband services to all premises in Ireland. It is the largest ever telecommunications project undertaken by the Irish State and its objective is to radically transform the country’s broadband landscape. After the rollout of the NBP all parts of Ireland will have access to a modern and reliable broadband network, capable of supporting the communications, information, education and entertainment requirements of current and future generations.

The Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications (DECC) to date has identified more than 560,000 premises (collectively known as the Intervention Area) across Ireland that require access to high-speed broadband.
NBI is designing, building and operating the network which will be paid for using a combination of State subsidy and commercial investment . The rollout area accounts for 23% of the population and will ensure that every citizen and business, regardless of how remote or rural – has access to high-speed broadband, so we can all progress together as a nation.

Can you explain what the Various Phases Of The Rollout Are?


You may have seen us out and about in your townland carrying out physical surveys. It involves going out on site to survey all the underground ducts serving homes and businesses in the planned coverage area.  


Our detailed design process confirms infrastructure that’s already there and what is needed, the power and footprint required to build the network, construction drawings, openeir works, Local Authority requirements, as well as cost analysis. 


After the designs have been approved, pre-works begin, followed by the main works on the ground: readying existing infrastructure, upgrading and adding poles and ducts, laying fibre, preparing backhaul facilities, fulfilling Local Authority requirements and tree trimming. We then “pass” the premises with fibre, meaning the home or business can get connected to fibre broadband. 

Order your connection

You’re now just one step away from a connected future. When the build is complete, you can place an order, but make sure it’s with a broadband provider who is registered to sell on the NBI™ network. To help you find a provider in your area, check out our list of registered providers here [insert link]. If you’re signed up for notifications, we’ll let you know via email when your home or business will be ready for order.

Getting Connected – the Future is Limitless

Once you’ve shopped around and chosen your preferred broadband service provider, we will connect your premises on their behalf. And that’s it – the final step to accessing minimum speeds of 500Mb. But this final step is just the beginning of a lifetime of connection to one another and to the rest of the world.

To find out more about how the rollout works check out our rollout page here or our rollout video below.

My Date Has Changed On The Website?

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Can I buy broadband service from NBI?

We are busy rollout out the network that will allow increased access and usage of broadband infrastructure in rural areas (and the amenities, digital skills, online education, and job search opportunities that come with it). 
It is our responsibility to design, build and operate the NBI™ network, however, we do not sell broadband directly to homes or businesses. Click here to find a list of retail service providers that will connect you to the NBI™ network once your premises is ready for service.

I have placed an order what happens next?

Once you have chosen your broadband service provider and placed an order with them, the next step is to arrange a date and time for your installation. We will contact you to confirm an install appointment to connect you to the NBI network and the rest is up to you. Your future is limitless!

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