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Because of the scale of this project, NBI high-speed broadband will become available in different areas at different times. In the coming weeks, we will publish a map detailing when and where the NBI network will be available in your area. In the meantime, if you would like to query if your premises is covered by the National Broadband Plan, please visit the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment (DCCAE) website here to find out.

The roll-out plan shows where our network will be delivered and by when. This plan has been broken into 227 specific rollout areas. Each of these will be built and connected to the network – and ultimately your home – on a phased basis. Click here for more information on the roll-out plan

Reaching all 537,000 premises via 146,000km of fibre will take up to seven years. We’ll be passing approximately 115,000 premises in the first two years across all 26 counties, and almost 300,000 premises within the first four years.

Broadband download speeds ranging from 150Mb up to 1Gbps will be offered from the outset. You will choose your speed from a broadband service provider. Upload speeds will range from 30Mb for the 150Mb product and 100Mb for 1Gbps product. Click here for more information on NBI’s network products.

Fibre is future proofed. We are building a network to support the needs of customers in rural Ireland for generations to come. Wireless networks may be able to support some current needs but will not support the forecasted growth in internet usage. It should also be noted that we are building an open wholesale network that can be utilised by any retail service provider. This enables both local and large international broadband providers to deliver a full range of services.

Broadband Connection Points (BCPs) are places such as community centres, GAA clubs, schools and libraries in each county where everyone can enjoy access to high-speed broadband. These will include a number of connections to islands such as Inis Mein and Cape Clear. We can deliver this free broadband access service to the public thanks to funding from the Department of Rural and Community Development (DRCD). Approximately 300 BCPs will be rolled out in the first year across all 26 counties. Locations have been identified by the county councils with support from the broadband officers and other local community groups. Click here for more information on the BCPs

We will shortly begin conducting low-level surveys of all premises in the roll-out area and are already preparing a detailed design to deliver high-speed broadband to 26 counties in Ireland.

The is the most efficient route, selected to minimise the cost to the State. It makes best use of existing poles or ducts and area networks that are suitable to carry the fibre network.

Once high-speed broadband is available in your area, you can check the list of all broadband service providers here.
You can also sign up to a regular newsletter that will notify you when we are working in your area and who you can purchase services from. Once youve chosen a broadband service provider, you will place your order directly with them.

Note, NBI does not sell broadband services to customers. We operate a wholesale service where we partner with broadband service providers throughout Ireland who in turn deliver a service to your door.

DCCAE carried out a mapping exercise for the Intervention Area and collated data from commercial internet service providers who reported that they can provide download speeds of 30MB or higher in your area. This Comreg link may assist: https://www.comreg.ie/compare/#/results or else other broadband cost comparative websites may list other local providers in your area.

NBI do not sell broadband directly to homes or businesses. Instead, we partner with a range of trusted service providers who will provide you with the fast broadband products and customer service you need.

We will have completed the network build within 5-7 years. We will continue to add to and upgrade the network, and connect new homes or premises built in the roll-out area, over the next 25 years.

The National Broadband Plan (NBP) is the Government’s initiative – in partnership with National Broadband Ireland – to deliver high speed broadband services to all businesses, farms and households in Ireland. It will ensure that everyone in Ireland has equal access to a high speed, resilient broadband service. In the unlikely event that internet service providers refuse to provide you with a broadband service, you can follow the following process:

If you are living in an area covered by the NBP and have been refused broadband service by three internet service providers, you can contact the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment on www.dccae.gov.ie They’ll guide you on how to make a complaint and obtain your right to a service.
Should your complaint be upheld by the department, they will instruct NBI to engage with the relevant broadband service providers to provide you with high-speed broadband.

NBI can be contacted through the following:

Lo call 0818 624624

For data privacy queries please contact contactus@nbi.ie

For media queries only please contact media@nbi.ie