What are Broadband Connection Points (BCPs)?

Broadband Connection Points (or BCPs) are public locations which have been selected to receive high-speed connectivity in the first year of the National Broadband Plan. The locations of the BCPs have been selected by the local authorities and include public areas such as community halls, libraries, sports facilities, enterprise hubs, tourist locations and other public spaces.

Why are BCPs being rolled out?

The National Broadband Plan is an ambitious project spanning 96% of the country’s land mass and the roll-out will take time. We understand it is essential that high speed, high quality broadband services are accessible as quickly as possible to ensure businesses can connect, and for other benefits such as e-learning and digital tourism. This is why, in our first year, we will bring connectivity to local communities by working with assigned facilities with public access, while the roll-out to homes and businesses progresses.

What can the BCPs be used for?

Each BCP will provide 150Mb high speed, high quality broadband access to the local community. This will enable people living in the area to go to the selected location and access broadband for daily use including remote working, general access and even keeping in touch with family and friends abroad through video calling.

When will the BCPs be available in my area?

The BCP delivery project is well underway and surveying of approximately 300 locations throughout Ireland is progressing which will deliver connectivity in the near future.

In advance of homes and businesses receiving future-proofed broadband directly to their door, the BCPs will provide vital high speed internet access at locations within the intervention Area.

BCP locations are subject to change and a number of the premises initially identified are in the process of being replaced with alternative locations. The remaining BCPs remain on track for delivery by the end of 2020.

Where will my local BCP be?

All BCPs are listed on our website. Search for your local BCP below.

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