Code of conduct

The Company is committed to the highest standards of business integrity. The Code Of Conduct applies to everyone working within National Broadband Ireland in every capacity e.g. as an employee of the Company, a service provider, or an employee of a service provider, and requires all such persons to act with the utmost honesty and integrity at all times.


  1. We Win Business Fairly
    The Company wins business on the strength and quality of its service offerings. We do not give gifts or other things of value in order to obtain a business benefit or advantage of any nature, and we do not permit others to do so on our behalf.
  2. We Do Not Engage In Unfair Market Practices
    The Company is committed to competing fairly and winning business through our intelligence, creativity and hard work. Practices or activities that unfairly restrict competition are prohibited.
  3. We Deal With Customers Honestly And With Respect
    We treat customers honestly and with respect. In particular, we present our products and their performance in an accurate manner and we do not engage in deceptive, misleading or unfair practices.
  4. Bribery Or Corrupt Acts Are Prohibited
    Persons to whom the code applies must not consent to, connive in, or approve of an offence of bribery or corruption.
  5. You Must Not Request Or Accept Gifts
    Persons to whom the code applies must not request or accept gifts or consideration as an inducement or reward for doing, or refraining from doing, anything or showing favour or disfavour to any person.
  6. Payment or Acceptance Of Facilitation Or Kickback Payments Is Prohibited
    The Company does not make, and will not accept, facilitation or kickback payments of any kind.
  7. Need To Always Act In The Best Interests Of The Company And Avoid Conflicts Of Interest

Persons to whom the code applies must always act in the best interests of the Company and not on the basis of their personal benefit or advantage.

  1. Misuse Of Company Assets Is Prohibited
    Persons to whom the code applies must not waste or misuse the Company’s property or information.
  2. Duty Of Confidentiality
    Persons to whom the code applies have a duty to protect confidential information about the Company, its customers, suppliers and employees.
  3. Anything That Compromises Financial Statement Integrity Is Prohibited
    Employees must not do anything that compromises the integrity of the financial statements.
  4. Political Contributions Are Prohibited
    The Company is politically neutral and political contributions of any nature are prohibited.