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What is involved in delivering the National Broadband Plan?

The National Broadband Plan is one of the most ambitious deployments of broadband infrastructure in the world. To design, build and roll-out this complex and technical project will take time – but once built it will future-proof Ireland for generations to come.

Up to 537,000 premises have been identified by DCCAE (Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment) as not being served with adequate broadband services, and these comprise the National Broadband roll-out area. This means that NBI have agreed an ambitious plan to provide service to these premises, including a target of reaching approximately 115,000 premises across all 26 counties in year two of the roll-out.

NBI’s focus will be on building nationwide broadband infrastructure, and its deployment plan will achieve key early milestones in the delivery of high-speed broadband for every community. Initially we will commence surveying of every individual premises covered by the National Broadband Plan to ensure we have a detailed delivery plan for each and every home and business. This will involve granular analysis of the fibre route, design of required infrastructure and also detailed assessment of the delivery method to connect each individual premises. This process takes time and we are very conscious of the critical need for high-speed broadband to be delivered within the NBP area. To this end, approximately 300 Broadband Connection Points (BCPs) – at locations identified and selected by the Department of Rural and Community Development – will be live in the first year.  These BCPs will include public areas such as community halls, libraries, GAA facilities, broadband access hubs, enterprise hubs, and other public spaces – paving the way for homes and premises to be fibre connected throughout the period of the wider rollout.  Click here to find out more about BCPs.

From day one, NBI has set ambitious milestones in its deployment plan, leading to 100% high-speed broadband coverage across the national broadband rollout areas within seven years.  By the end of the third year, it is projected that almost 40% of premises in the NBP (totaling over 205,000 premises) will be served by the NBI network. By year five, almost 95% of that entire population will have access to NBI high-speed broadband. 

By the end of our deployment plan, NBI’s network will be available to approximately 537,000 premises, meaning 100% of the country will have access to high-speed broadband – with no-one being left behind.

Where and when is the National Broadband Plan being rolled out?

At regular intervals, NBI will update the website to reflect the progress of the fibre roll out and provide indicative timelines on when connections will be available at an individual Eircode level.

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