Surveying for National Broadband Plan continues across Mayo

2nd February 2021

National Broadband Ireland (NBI), the company rolling out the new high-speed fibre broadband network under the Government’s National Broadband Plan (NBP) today announced that surveying works in several areas of Mayo are well underway.


NBI contractors have been on the ground across the country for twelve months and over 160,000 premises nationwide have been surveyed to date. This involves physically walking the routes and documenting images, notes and measurements of the poles, cables and underground ducts in each area.  This will enable network design solutions for the provision of a fibre network to every premises in the Intervention Area – a map of over 544,000 premises nationwide identified by the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communication (DECC) – as not being served with adequate broadband speeds. The first premises have been successfully connected under the NBP in parts of Cork and Cavan.


In Mayo, there are 36,495 premises in the Intervention Area (IA), which includes homes, farms, commercial businesses and schools. This equates to 43% of all premises in the county. Under the National Broadband Plan, Mayo will see an investment of €145M in the new high speed fibre network. This will enable e-learning, remote monitoring of livestock or equipment, e-health initiatives, better energy efficiency in the home, and facilitate increased levels of remote working.

NBI crews have made substantial progress in Mayo, where the following areas are being surveyed: Newport, Carrowbeg, Inishgort, Inishcottle, Myna, Fahy, Ashbridge, Glenisland, Srahmore, Glenhest, Comploon, Slogger and Tawnameeltoge

In August 2020, NBI crews started initial works for the build in townlands outside Ballina and Castlebar. These initial works pave the way for the next stage of deploying fibre on poles/ducts and includes the erection of poles, unblocking of ducts, and the insertion of sub duct into existing ducts, for the fibre to be installed.

All NBI contractors will also carry official ID cards and essential worker letters, and have received training on adhering to all Covid 19 guidelines. They will have vehicles, PPE and signage with both their own, and NBI logos.

Broadband Connection Points (BCPs)

In advance of the fibre to the home roll out, the NBP provides for the delivery of BCPs nationwide. Over 113 of these sites are now ‘live’ and have both internal and external broadband access. These facilities – which include GAA clubs, community centres and tourist sites – will provide free public access to high speed internet in the rollout area.

These will pave the way for rural communities to receive the benefits of broadband, from mobile working, e-learning and mobile banking, to digital tourism. A full list can be found at /bcp-map/ Primary schools in the Intervention Area are also being connected for educational access as part of the NBP. Locations of Broadband Connection Points in county Mayo will include Islandeady Community Centre, Bofeenaun Community Centre, Cushlough Community Centre, and Clare Island Community Centre.

Progress on the ground

NBI chief executive Peter Hendrick said the company was pleased with the progress being made: “We started physical work on the ground last January and I am delighted to report that this is going very well. We are acutely aware that people want access to high speed broadband as soon as possible, and our goal is to deliver that.

“Survey designs are an important part of mapping out how every home and business will be connected, and these will provide the blueprint for how the NBI fibre is laid. The BCPs are a key milestone in delivering access to high speed internet in the Intervention Area, and we’re delighted to see these being connected for access – internally and externally – right across the county.”

NBI’s website has a search tool to enable the public to check whether their premises is within the rollout area, and to show indicative dates for areas being surveyed. There is also a facility to register for updates on this. Detailed designs for the fibre area network are drawn up following these surveys. The network build has started in parts of Cavan, Cork, Galway and Limerick. NBI’s contact centre can be reached at 0818 624 624 (lo-call) or

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