Dublin Pride has presented a commendation certificate to National Broadband Ireland (NBI), the company rolling out the National Broadband Plan (NBP), as the first company to have completed Pride At Work DEIB training as part of its NBI Connected staff engagement programme. 

The Pride At Work programme creates a safe space for people to learn, explore new ideas and ask questions without judgment. Each of the modules can be delivered as standalone workshops or as part of a longer-term training programme.

NBI completed all of the modules, which include:

  • Getting to grips with LBGTQI+ terminology and understanding pronouns
  • An introduction to Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Belonging practice
  • Unconscious bias awareness training
  • A workshop on gender
  • The Journey of Pride, a session focusing on the history of Pride and LGBTQI+ activism
  • How to be an ally in the workplace as well as in everyday life

Dublin Pride Festival Director, Jed Dowling, said: “Our Pride at Work programme seeks to promote diversity and inclusion in society and champion equality for all people. We work with community organisations and corporate partners like NBI to ensure that Pride is not just for one weekend, it’s a year-round commitment to supporting LGBTQI+ people and embedding DEIB training in society, including in company cultures. We are delighted that NBI is the first company to complete our Pride at Work training and commend their dedication to ensuring all their staff have the benefit of an inclusive and supportive workplace.”

Peter Hendrick, Chief Executive Officer, National Broadband Ireland, said: “When we decided to launch our NBI Connected colleague and community engagement programme, we knew we wanted to collaborate with Dublin Pride from the start. It’s important to us that our colleagues have access to the right balance of workplace wellness, awareness and education, and Pride At Work has been a hugely valuable part of our programme. We are delighted to be the first company to complete the course and would encourage others to consider undertaking it so that LGBTQI+ allyship and inclusivity can be fully embraced in more workplaces.”

Daragh O’Mahony, Chief People Officer, National Broadband Ireland, said: “The Pride At Work training has created a safe space for colleagues to learn, explore new ideas and ask questions without judgement. The levels of engagement have been really positive and the education sessions have raised awareness, promoted diversity and inclusion, as well as supporting our LGBTQI+ community at NBI. Importantly, while the training has now been completed, our commitment to providing meaningful support to all of our colleagues in a diverse, inclusive workplace continues each and every day.”

Photo Caption: Pictured Damien Dineen, NBI Head of Marketing, CX & Insights, Tara Collins, NBI Chief Marketing Officer, Daragh O’Mahony, NBI Chief People Officer, Jed Dowling, Dublin Pride Festival Director and Jamie Kenny, Dublin Pride Executive Director. Photo: John Ohle