The NBI™ network gives you access to amazing high-speed fibre broadband, so you can work, play, study, and stream online, at the same time. One of the benefits of our high-speed network is that it gives you the ability to take advantage of emerging technology that has been designed to make your life easier.

The Internet of Things (or IOT) refers to items that connect to the internet and communicate data, adding a level of digital intelligence to everyday devices. From asking your smart speaker to play music and turning on hall lights from your car, to controlling your heating from your phone and even keeping up your fitness on your watch, IOT can streamline your life, save you money and open up a world of possibilities.

“This will be transformational for our business and for farmers operating businesses throughout rural Ireland.”

Tom Canning, Agricultural consultant

For those who work in farming the IOT can make a big difference to day-to-day work. With smart farm technology you can improve efficiency, lighten your workload, and increase sustainability. Apps that allow you to monitor livestock remotely, test soil levels instantly and reduce consumable use can help to improve the overall workload on the farm.

The IOT influences every part of modern life and now with NBI’s high-speed broadband network you can implement it wherever and whenever you choose.