Ballagh family shaved hours off commute to gain more time with family in multi-device household

Download speed increased from 1 to 600 MBps

: A new National Broadband Ireland (NBI) advertising campaign features the Curley family from Ballagh, Co. Galway, in a video shot on their mobile phones showcasing the difference access to the NBI high-speed fibre broadband network has made to their lives. 

The campaign is running across social, digital and VOD channels including: RTE, Virgin Media and Channel 4. 

The videos show the positive impact that high-speed broadband has made for Damien and Ruth Curley and their three boys, who have seen massive improvements in download speeds, enabling them to benefit from remote working and learning, and a better quality of life. 

Ruth Curley said: “Working from the home office has saved us about two hours of a commute every day which allows us to spend more time with the kids and we can get them to activities in the evening we wouldn’t have been able to make before. They were also previously unable to access some online educational resources and now they can get the full benefit, so high-speed broadband has been hugely positive for them.”

Damien Curley said the family thought all their birthdays had come at once when they saw the NBI vans on their road, and explained: “In 2021 our download speed was 1.35MBps and now in 2022 our download speed is 640MBps. The lads are delighted as they can use the play station and we can be on whatever devices we need without any shouting matches. We now know what a true internet connection is like with no breakdowns or glitches.”

Peter Hendrick, Chief Executive Officer, National Broadband Ireland, said: “Families like the Curleys really bring home the benefits of access to NBI’s high-speed fibre network. Going from a download speed of just over 1MBps to over 600 really opens up limitless possibilities. Remote working and learning are here to stay, and it is great to see Damien, Ruth and their boys benefiting from both access to educational resources and a better quality of life. NBI’s commitment is to connect 560,000 homes, farms and businesses, opening up the economic, environmental and social benefits of becoming one of the most connected countries in Europe right across rural Ireland.”