Study highlights importance of National Broadband Plan to rural economy

New research released for World Telecoms Day today (Tuesday, 17 May) shows that 7 in 10 of those surveyed believe high-speed broadband access could increase their opportunity to secure higher-paid work, while over half would consider seeking new employment opportunities as a result of having high-speed broadband.
The research, carried out by National Broadband Ireland (NBI) which surveyed 298 people in 38 towns spread across Ireland from Donegal to Kerry, showed:

• 70% say broadband access at home could increase their potential to secure higher-paid work
• 55% would consider seeking new employment opportunities as a result of having high-speed broadband access
• 85% believe high-speed broadband can help the local economy and expand job opportunities
• 80% believe high-speed broadband will help local people start their own business
• Over 80% believe the National Broadband Plan will have a positive impact and improve their quality of life
• 83% would avail of high-speed broadband.

Peter Hendrick, CEO of NBI, the company delivering the Government’s National Broadband Plan, commented: “This research is showing the importance of broadband to the rural economy and the potential it has to improve earning power, employment opportunities and quality of life for Ireland’s regional dwellers.

“The survey also showed that a large majority (90%) believe there is a rural/urban divide on broadband access. The National Broadband Plan is all about closing that digital divide by bringing future-proofed, high-speed broadband to every home, farm and business so that all parts of the country can reap the economic and social benefits, and no one is left behind.

“Overall, 1.1 million people living and working in almost 560,000 premises, including almost 100,000 businesses and farms, are set to benefit from access to the broadband network being rolled out by NBI under the National Broadband Plan.”