Team Advantage

At NBI you’ll work with other people who share our passion to create jobs in rural communities and empower the people who live there through connectivity and technology. This will create new companies, grow existing companies and attract employment remotely from global companies.

Truly rewarding careers

We believe that the unique skills, diversity and hard work of our people should be celebrated and rewarded. From things like salary to your professional background and genuine interests, there are many elements that factor into feeling like you have a truly satisfying job. At NBI we have all of them covered.

Salary & benefits

We offer a competitive salary & benefits package that is benchmarked against our competitors. Salary levels reflect the market that you work in and your level of experience, your performance and contribution to the business.  We have a results-driven reward culture. We provide a competitive pension to enable you to save and plan for your future. We have a generous annual leave policy that allows you to get the rest and relaxation you need, enabling you to continue contributing to our purpose and growth.

Health and wellbeing

When the wellbeing of our employees is thriving, we feel the benefits in everything we do at NBI. We know you do your best work when you are healthy and happy. That’s why we offer a variety of health & insurance packages and Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) options to meet your lifestyle. We provide additional benefits such as Permanent Health insurance and Life Assurance to ensure you have peace of mind for the road ahead. Our office is set-up to ensure collaborative working while still allowing for meeting rooms, and space to think while working.

Career progression

Just as we are committed to the limitless potential of every man, woman and child in Ireland through equal access to high-speed broadband, we are equally committed to our teams reaching their potential within a demanding and invigorating work environment. We provide e-learning and on-the-job training opportunities. We provide career progression opportunities in line with your life goals. We want what you want for yourself and we’ll help you get there. 

Leadership culture

Strong leadership is critical to developing the capability to grow and transform. Coherence across the culture of NBI as well as the leadership means we get things done in a way that we are proud of and in a way that leads to better workforce performance and engagement.

Our leaders listen and are motivated by a shared purpose – to build a world class, high-speed broadband network that will empower every person, every community and every organisation in Ireland to achieve their potential, through equal access to local and global opportunity.

Our leaders know that we are only as good as our people and they make it a priority to communicate and listen to everyone in the team. While expert in their fields, they offer relevant guidance and mentoring. This approach to leadership is a commitment to collaboration that leads to innovation, building on each other’s thinking to come up with the best solution.

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