Our culture and values

Our way of working consists of the core values that we believe provide accountability to us as a company. It lets our customers know that as we grow, we will not lose focus of who you are and what we have promised. It is our companys identity that helps us measure our impact with our customers and for the community as a whole.

At NBI, community with equal and limitless opportunities is our constant focus we serve communities every day with dedication and determination. Our ambition is to build a world class, high speed broadband network, that delivers equal access to all. We are looking for innovative and talented individuals who share our passion and commitment to change the lives of communities and who share our culture and values:

Committed to serve

We listen to our customers, vendors and people with humility, dedicating ourselves to understanding their unique journeys and delivering with agility and responsiveness.  With passion and persistence, we serve our community.

Act with integrity and respect

By operating with the highest standards of ethics, integrity and respect, we build trust with our customers, vendors and team. We respect the decisions made and support each others success. Our reputation for integrity is one of our greatest assets.

Empower people

We genuinely care for and respect each other.  Acknowledging and appreciating our team allows us work together as a high-performing unit to deliver extraordinary results.

Innovate for solutions

We push ourselves to imagine the possibilities, redefine innovation, and change lives, providing limitless and equal opportunity for all.  We have the courage to ask the difficult questions, explore and embrace bold ideas, and learn from one another and the world around us. 

Focus on results

We want to see quantifiable results.  We endeavour to act quickly and responsibly seeing tasks through to completion via ownership and co-operation with our partners and colleagues. We are prepared; through regular communication with team members so we can anticipate future needs and address them today.