In an era where connectivity has become as necessary as electricity or water, there’s never been as much demand for high-speed broadband. Here at National Broadband Ireland (NBI) we’ve taken on the mammoth but exciting challenge of designing, building and operating the new high-speed fibre broadband network for rural Ireland. There’s been some incredible work done to date, with lots more to come as we move into the future. Here’s everything you need to know about NBI and the National Broadband Plan (NBP) so far…

What is the NBP?

Established in 2020, the National Broadband Plan is the Irish government’s initiative to deliver high-speed fibre broadband services to every premises in the country. This includes homes, schools and business in cities, towns, villages, remote townlands, and even the gorgeous islands off our coast. It’s the largest ever telecommunications project undertaken by the State, with our team deploying fibre on approximately 1.5m poles. We’ll use up 142k of new fibre cable, enough to go around the globe nearly three times! The network’s services will be available to everyone in the rollout area, which accounts for 23% of the population in over half a million premises.

Who Are We?

NBI was formed specifically for this monumental task of laying down the vital infrastructure required to ensure every Irish home, business and school has access to the fastest internet connection possible, ensuring no-one is left behind. Our team brings together some of the most talented individuals in Ireland and across the world, with deep knowledge and experience in delivering projects to the scale of the NBP. This includes developing, building and operating networks and coordinating all the elements required to finance and deliver a project of this size and complexity.

The Intervention Area

You may have heard the ‘intervention area’ mentioned in relation to the rollout but aren’t sure what it means. Well, high-speed fibre broadband services will be delivered through ‘intervention’ by the State in those parts of the country where private companies have indicated they have no plans to invest. The State Intervention Area for the National Broadband Plan therefore includes over 564,000 premises and over 1.1m people. It also includes any new homes built in the Intervention Area over the next 25 years. The area can be viewed here (it’s colour-coded and searchable by address and Eircode).

Accomplishments to Date

Our team, of over 2,800 people have made brilliant progress so far in laying the groundwork for a truly connected future. The initial phases of this huge project focused on detailed surveys (with nearly half a million complete), planning, and the establishment of the necessary infrastructure to begin the rollout. Despite the complexities of deploying a network across varied and often difficult Irish terrain, NBI has successfully completed the laying of fibre-optic cables and the installation of the necessary technology in many parts of the country. We’re delighted to consistently deliver results on time and within budget, and particularly proud to have successfully laid infrastructure on a number of islands off the Irish coast.


Of course, the ambitious scope of the NBP means that we frequently face all manner of logistical, technical, and environmental challenges. The island’s topographical and infrastructural diversity requires innovative solutions and meticulous planning to ensure that the network is both robust and resilient. The project’s scale also naturally requires lots of coordination with local communities and government bodies to ensure we’re meeting the needs of each individual area. We’re delighted to have forged strong relationships with various stakeholders over the course of the process so far and will continue to do so in the future.

How Can We Help You?

Are you living in a rural or remote Irish location but require high-speed fibre broadband? We will deliver the solution to you soon. To check out the current status of your location, head to our map and enter your Eircode. You can also enter your details here to be kept up to date as the rollout comes closer to your area.