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NBI is bringing high-speed fibre broadband to homes, farms and businesses across Ireland – regardless of how remote or rural. Which means you’ll be much better connected to what you love and who you love.

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Our team has been working non-stop to lay the fibre cables that are bringing high-speed fibre broadband to every corner of the country. So, your area may already have this infrastructure in place.

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  • Outside Intervention Area
  • Broadband Connection Points

*All dates provided are estimated based on our current view, but are likely to change in the future.

NBI is committed to advising people as to when our high-speed fibre broadband network will be available in their area. NBI provides potential customers with indicative dates, based on the best information available at any given time.

The scale and complexity involved in rolling out our network means that these indicative dates may be subject to change. This may be due to, for example, design changes required to address issues encountered in the field or unforeseen circumstances outside the control of NBI. These changes may occur at any stage up until the build in any given area is complete.

NBI is actively working in every county on the survey, design and build of our new high-speed, fibre broadband network, and we remain committed to rolling out this infrastructure to every premises in the Intervention Area, within the overall agreed timeframe, so no area is left behind.

*All BCP’s are subject to change. This may be due to unforeseen circumstances, or those outside of NBI’s control.

Does NBI supply my broadband?

  • While we provide the infrastructure to get connected, you still need to sign up to a broadband service provider who will sell you your internet plan.
  • Check out our list of providers that are currently setup and certified to sell NBI network services below.

Tell me more…

You’ve heard that we’re laying all these high-speed fibre cables across the island. But what does this mean for you? And what happens next?

Addressing Your Fibre Broadband Cost Concerns

Addressing Your Fibre Broadband Cost Concerns

With the world becoming more digitally connected every day, the demand for faster, more reliable internet has never been higher. Here in Ireland, the National Broadband Plan (NBP) rollout continues at pace …

Find Your Home on our Interactive Rollout Map

Find Your Home on our Interactive Rollout Map 

Rural life has many advantages, but until recently, high-speed internet connection wasn’t one of them. Now, thanks to the ongoing National Broadband Plan (NBP), homes, businesses, schools …

Speed is on the horizon

Connecting your home or business

We’re working as hard as we can to bring high-speed fibre broadband to homes, businesses and farms as quickly as possible, across Ireland. If you’re waiting to be connected, click below to see our roll out plan.

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Our progress so far

  • 519,289 Premises surveyed
  • 505,772 Designs complete
  • 453,825 Premises under construction / constructed
  • 284,722 Premises available for order/pre-order
  • 266,979 Premises Passed
  • 88,331 Premises Connected
  • 955 BCPs / schools installed by NBI

*Progress as of 12.07.24

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