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NBI is rolling out the largest infrastructural project in rural Ireland since rural electrification, stretching across 96% of Ireland’s land mass. It will bring high-speed broadband to 23% of Ireland’s population.

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What’s involved in the network build?

Survey Phase 1 Surveying
You are likely to have seen our engineers around the country carrying out physical surveys to examine the existing pole and duct network so we know what’s there and what we need to include in the design phase of the build.
Design Phase 2 Design
When we know what’s out there already in terms of an existing network, we can start our detailed design process. This covers infrastructure needed, the power and footprint required, high spec drawings, openeir works, Local Authority requirements and revised cost analysis.
Build Phase 3 Build
The network build involves detailed planning and physical works to roll out thousands of kilometres of fibre network and to install hundreds of new structures. After the designs have been approved, work can start on the ground. This includes everything from readying existing infrastructure to laying fibre.
Order your connection Phase 4 Order your connection
When the build is complete, you can place an order, but make sure it’s with a broadband provider who is registered to sell on the NBI™ network. To help you find a provider in your area, check out our list of registered providers.
Connection Phase 5 Connection
This is the most exciting phase for you, the end user. Your preferred broadband service provider will work with NBI to get you connected as quickly as possible. Once connected to the NBI™ network, you will have guaranteed access to minimum speeds of 500Mb to carry out work, study or simply be entertained. With nearly 50 registered broadband service providers ready to sell services on the NBI™ network, this is going to be a game-changer, bringing significant benefits directly to the homes, farms and businesses across Ireland.

Our progress so far

  • 349,223 Premises surveyed
  • 331,036 Designs complete
  • 209,983 Premises under construction / constructed
  • 85,741 Premises available for order/pre-order
  • 72,780 Premises Passed
  • 698 BCPs / schools installed by NBI
  • 408,271 Premises surveyed
  • 385,799 Designs complete
  • 305,792 Premises under construction / constructed
  • 154,824 Premises available for order/pre-order
  • 140,563 Premises Passed
  • 41,975 Premises Connected
  • 918 BCPs / schools installed by NBI

*Progress as of 26.05.23

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