National Broadband Ireland (NBI), the company delivering the new future-proofed, high-speed Fibre-to-the-Home network under the National Broadband Plan (NBP) on behalf of the Government, has announced that over 3,656 premises in Wexford Town are available to order or pre-order broadband on the NBI network. A further 3,434 premises in Ballynabola have begun the surveying phase of works.

Over 23,000 premises in county Wexford are included in the State’s Intervention Area, which will see NBI deliver minimum speeds of 500 megabits per second to homes, businesses, farms and schools. As the biggest investment in rural Ireland since rural electrification, County Wexford will receive €88m of Government investment under the NBP.

NBI crews have made substantial progress in Wexford and premises are live on the network in Wexford Town where 3,656 premises can join the network. Surveying work has also recently begun in Ballynabola for 3,434 premises. These initial works pave the way for the next stage of deploying fibre on poles/ducts and includes the erection of poles, unblocking of ducts, and the insertion of sub duct into existing ducts, for the fibre to be installed.

The rollout of the National Broadband Plan continues to ramp up as homes and communities begin to be connected in Intervention Areas across the country. NBI contractors have been on the ground across the country for 23 months and over 304,345 premises nationwide have been surveyed to date. This involves physically walking the routes and documenting images, notes and measurements of the poles, cables and underground ducts in each area. These vital survey works enable “Fibre -to-the-Home” network designs to be completed for each of the 554,000 plus premises in the Intervention Area, as identified by the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communication (DECC).

Peter Hendrick, CEO of National Broadband Ireland, said: “We are delighted to announce that premises in Wexford Town can now order or pre-order broadband services through the NBI network. This will enable users to experience the life-changing benefits that high-speed broadband provides.”

As an increasing number of homes and businesses are being connected, we are confident that the rollout will continue to gather pace as we look to connect thousands more homes and businesses. We are acutely aware that people want access to high-speed broadband and our goal is to deliver that as quickly as possible.”

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NBI is encouraging people to check their eligibility and register for updates at to receive regular notifications related to their own premises as works progresses in their area.