Installation of new underground ducting on a home or business premises

The purpose of this section is to provide homeowners, builders, and architects with relevant information regarding the design and specifications for underground duct that is considered suitable for NBI when installing a fibre broadband connection.

Where NBI are using pre-existing underground duct on a home or business premises, the duct must meet the specifications outlined in this section in order to be used by NBI. Homeowners or builders planning on installing underground duct for future use should ensure that it meets the criteria as outlined here.

NBI are currently surveying all premises within the Intervention Area to determine the most suitable fibre delivery method for each individual premises. The majority of connections to the NBI Fibre network will be delivered via an overhead line meaning the connection into the premises will be served from the nearest Optical Connection Point (ODP) into the premises across new or existing pole infrastructure. Where a pre-existing telecommunications connection already exists and is delivered underground, the NBI Fibre services may utilise this ducting infrastructure if suitable.

When planning a new development where new ducting may be installed, the designer/engineer/architect should contact NBI here to establish details of potential network connection points nearby to ensure the new duct is installed in a place suitable for use when installing a broadband fibre connection.

For full details and duct specification, please follow the below link:

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