Rural life has many advantages, but until recently, high-speed internet connection wasn’t one of them. Now, thanks to the ongoing National Broadband Plan (NBP), homes, businesses, schools and farms all over Ireland will be able to avail of fibre broadband that boasts minimum speeds of 500MB. Want to know where your town or village fits into the plan? Thanks to our interactive map, you can quickly see when this world-class infrastructure is due to land on your doorstep… 

Of all countries, Ireland knows that infrastructure never sleeps. As a nation we’ve overhauled our roads, electricity, gas, everything a home or business needs – but we’re not done just yet. The NBP will ensure that every town and village in Ireland has access to high-speed fibre broadband and all the life, work and productivity advantages that it can bring. 

It’s a huge body of work – comparable to the now mythic electrification of rural Ireland in the past century. Right now, we’re bringing broadband to 560,000 buildings, where over one million people live and work on 65,000 farms, and 44,000 small businesses, and 679 schools.  

This new high-speed fibre broadband network is being delivered by fibre optic cables, filled with flexible glass fibres which send data via pulses of light (and yes, that means data at the speed of light). It’s this advanced technology that means fibre can offer incredible minimum speeds of 500MB, providing broadband that lives up to the diverse needs of those living all around Ireland. More people can work from home, boosting the economies of their local areas, while farmers will find it easier to implement new tools and practices.  

Currently, we have connections in every county in Ireland, with over 1,000 dedicated employees working to accelerate connections. What’s more, you can track our progress in our nifty interactive map! Simply click on a county (or enter your Eircode) to see where your locality is at in our four-stage process. First, an area is surveyed for existing infrastructure, then a plan is designed to fit it exactly. The build then begins, and once that’s done, customers can make an order (making sure it’s with a provider who’s registered to sell on the NBI network).

If you’re not ready to order just yet, don’t worry – you can enter your details here to be kept up to date as the rollout comes closer to your area.